Can Tiger Woods win all Masters in 2019

If you have ever watched golf in your life, then one name likely rings in your ears whenever you hear the word “golf”. And it’s the name of legendary golf player Tiger Woods. He’s known as arguably the greatest golf player that ever lived. He played some outstanding games of golf back in the day. These plays helped cement his reputation as one of the best players in the world in the sport of golf. But times are different nowadays. There are new challenges that lie ahead of Tiger Woods. Will he be able to win a Master in 2019? Read below in order to find out.


The prognosis

Now, Tiger Woods came back after a long layoff from the sport. He came back in 2018, having his last win back in 2013. Anyone would say that this is a very long time to be away from the professional game of golf. Anyone would agree that this time is more than enough to make anyone rusty. But Tiger Woods didn’t agree.

On the contrary, he had a perfect season while playing golf. He truly showed what he was made of. And this goes despite the fact that he had been battling constant problems with his back for a long period of time. He started 2018 with three top-12 finishes. After that, Tiger was T6th when playing in the 147th Open Championship. This show of skills definitely aids the notion that Tiger Woods will be able to win a major for the first time after the distant 2008 US Open. Also, we must make note of the fact that he won in the three of four most important venues of golf this year.

Another thing that goes for Tiger Woods this season is the fact that he’s on a much looser schedule. It was a known point of criticism for him back in the day that he took things too far into overdrive – and this resulted in constant burnout. The fact that he’s aging – just any regular person – doesn’t really help him. And golf may seem like a sport that’s not really hard on the body – but this is far from the case. Golf can be very strenuous as most golf players would attest. But this season Tiger Woods will appear in a smaller number of events which will help him keep his body safe and healthy. And this, alongside his tremendous experience and talent in playing golf, will all but guarantee that he will have a fantastic season.

So, all the major pundits and the biggest golf fans agree that Tiger Woods definitely has what it takes to make a major impact on the golf playfield this season. He’s definitely a force not to be taken lightly. Even if he doesn’t win a Master, he still will likely have a fantastic season. And this will not only be good for himself. It will also be very good for the sport of golf and for the thousands of fans that will watch the great master at play.

In conclusion

We all have to agree on the importance of the legacy that Tiger Woods has in the game of golf. And the best part is that his legacy is still being written. We hope that Tiger Woods will have yet another fantastic golf season in his resume – one in which he will manage to win a master.